Welcome to adamdrichardson.co.uk. This is the personal website for professional programer Adam Richardson.

Currently I am Lead iOS Developer at The Earthworks Digital. With over 5 years of commercial experience building iOS apps, I have over 10 apps approved and published on the iTunes app store.

I am a highly skilled database programmer as well with experience using MySQL, SQLite, DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. I also have a large amount of commercial experience of using PHP to build websites and also JSON restfull web services.

I studied BSc(Hons) Computing at Bournemouth University and have over 10 years of programming experience. I have used a wide variety of technologies including PHP, SQL, ASP classic, Visual Basic, JSP, HTML, GIT and continuous delivery.

For information on working with me drop me an email on info@adamdrichardson.co.uk

I will be posting advice and thoughts on coding here from time to time as well.